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Our team of professionals at Dr Hear understand the needs of our clients and provides solutions that which are tailor-made to the needs of modern and active lifestyles which are comfortable, effective, and affordable.We are the Premium Partners of Hearing Aids Manufacturers like Signia, Phonak, Resound, Starkey, and many more.


Home service and Hearing aid clinic services are provided with the best quality to the population across bangalore with hearing and speech needs


We provide multiple solutions to all the Hearing Needs which will ensure to eliminate the Stigma of Hearing loss and Hearing Aids. We also provide an array of customized solutions that can be the best suit for the customer.


Assuring professional Hearing Care Experts to assist all the Hearing Needs even after the sale is done. Thus extending the wings to provide a positive Hearing Care Services that enrich the client experience.


These are the services that we provide.

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Hearing Testing

A hearing test provides an evaluation of the sensitivity of a person's sense of hearing though Digital Diagnostic hearing assessments like Pure tone audiometry, Tympanometry and Otoacoustic emissions (OAE).

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Hearing Aid Trial

We have a wide range of Hearing aids with advanced Hearing Technology like Invisible Hearing Aids, Rechargeable and Bluetooth connectivity Hearing Aids, Hearing Aid Accessories which will suit your lifestyle and make it more stylish and comfortable. Avail our free hearing aid trial from anywhere in Bangalore and get 0% interest EMIs without any hassle.

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Speech Therapy

Our Speech-Language Pathologists who provide complete care Assessment and treatment for various Speech and Language problems for both Adults and Children. Speech and language problems can be treated by a therapeutic approach which will have a therapy plan with pre-set goals on a timely basis. It includes behavioral interventions, Computer Based Instructions, Alternative and Augmentative Communication.

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Hearing Aids

These are the types of Hearing Aids that are available. Get in touch with us for getting the one that suits you.

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Receiver-in-the-Canal (RIC)

RIC hearing aid consists of a tiny housing containing all electronics except the receiver.

Powerful enough for treating mild to moderately severe hearing loss.

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Behind-the-Ear (BTE)

BTE is curved to match the contour of the ear and rests directly behind the ear.

Popular choice for children.

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Completely-in-the-Canal (CIC)

CIC hearing aid can fit deep inside the ear canal, making it almost invisible,smallest available

Good choice for mild to moderate hearing loss.

in ear hearing aid

In-the-Canal (ITC)

This style is also designed to fit in the ear canal, but not as deeply as a CIC device.

Best for patients with mild to moderate hearing loss.

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In-the-Ear (ITE)

This Hearing aid is designed to fill the outer portion of the ear,is larger than ITC,less discreet

Depending on the size of the ear canal an in the ear hearing aid may be relatively discreet.

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Invisible-In-Canal (IIC)

The smallest hearing aid,uses the ear’s natural shape to localize sound & invisible.

Fully automatic, making the listening experience even more natural.

Free Hearing Test

Take our free hearing test and start your journey to better hearing!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few frequently asked questions which will help you clear a few of yours doubts.

  • What types of hearing aids are available?

    There are basically three types of hearing aids available today. These include the completely-in-the canal (CIC), the in-the-ear (ITE), and the behind-the-ear (BTE). One new alternative is the disposable hearing aid that fits easily in the ear can and can be discarded when the batteries wear out.

  • When deciding which instrument is best for you, the audiologist considers your degree of hearing loss. Also, lifestyle and personal preferences contribute to this decision. Consult with a hearing professional for determining the right type of hearing aid for you.

  • A hearing aid has a small microphone in it, and this tiny device picks up the environmental sound and converts that to electrical energy. Modifying and adjusting circuits in the amplifier sends an electrical signal to a miniature speaker called a receiver. This small structure delivers the sound to the ear. Most new hearing aid technology amplifies frequencies and sounds tailored to specific types of hearing loss.

  • Background noise is a common occurrence, and the brain unconsciously filters this out during the hearing process. With hearing loss, this filtering ability is weakened, and sounds often become inaudible. With the use of a hearing aid, all sounds can be heard and the brain retrains for the selective listening.

  • You and your audiologist will decide together whether you should obtain one or two hearing aids. If you have hearing loss in both ears (and most people with hearing loss do), wearing a hearing aid in each ear is very important! Binaural hearing has been shown to improve the effectiveness of listening. A pair of hearing aids also will help you locate where sounds are coming from more effectively. Using two hearing aids can also improve your understanding of speech in noisy environments, and can allow you to use less volume. Many users of binaural hearing aids report that sounds have a more natural quality and that it doesn’t take as much effort to listen.

  • Your success with amplification depends on many factors. The severity, type, and configuration of your hearing loss, along with your word recognition ability are important factors. Your environment, personal motivation, and level of hearing aid technology also work into the equation. We will advise you regarding the best level of technology for your particular needs, and counsel you regarding other communication strategies and devices that can help improve communication. With good follow-up care, hearing and understanding speech in everyday situations should become less difficult.

  • No. In fact, using amplification for your hearing problem as soon as you notice it will keep your listening skills sharper than if you waited until your hearing got worse. Also, all hearing aids have maximum output values to ensure that they don't get loud enough to cause damage.

  • The cost of a hearing aid or aids really depends on the type of device required as well as added features and necessary professional services. Because everyone’s hearing problem is different, the price range varies from person to person.

  • We offer a generous 7day trial period. In special cases we can request an extension from the manufacturer.

Our Team

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Kalpana Joshi

Founder - Senior Audiologist & Speech language pathologist

Kalpana Joshi had completed speech and hearing in 1993 from All India Institute of Speech and Hearing Mysore. She has an experience of more than 27 years in field of Audiology and Speech therapy. Worked as Audiologist in KIMS Karad(Maharashtra) , Lecturer at Karnataka Institute of Speech and Hearing- Bangalore & Audiologist in Sagar Hospital Jaynagar from 2005. She has been an integral part in developing our unique collaborative approach to the fitting of hearing instruments. She is highly dedicated to quality patient care and providing ongoing support and rehabilitation for those in her care.

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Mohamed Fazal VV

Co Founder - Audiologist & Speech language pathologist

Mohamed Fazal is a licensed Audiologist and Speech Language Pathologist who carries a Registration from Rehabilitation Council of India. He has provided Speech Therapy and Hearing healthcare services in Bangalore since 2016. He is an expert Audiologist in assesing and planning management program for hearing disorders and have strong interpersonal communication skills. He has had clinical experiences providing prevention, treatment and assessment services for Speech Language disorders for pediatric population in schools, clinics, daycare and home settings.


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